Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Intramural B-ball...

Hmmm...well, I have my first intramural basketball game tonight at (****). I never was much of a sports-type guy during high school. The only sport I've ever truly been good at was soccer, and I haven't played that for at least 8,000,000,000 years. I'm slightly apprehensive about it because I'll be playing with some good players from (****) when they were in high school. True, that means that our team will do alright in the tournament, but personally I'm not looking forward to it.

Not to rag on anyone, but...

...these days sports are more individual than ever. I'll play a game with someone for fun, and when I eventually (quite nimbly, heh heh) gently poke the basketball out of someone's hands, I'll grab the ball and pass it to someone else or hold it and let things slow down a bit. Any time I do that, my team-mates simply can't seem to understand why I wouldn't simply charge forth, make a fast break, and toss that little sucker in the hoop.

Reason #1: I'm a better defense player than I am an offense player.
Reason #2: I suck at lay-ups.
Reason #3: ahhh...this is the one that bites the cake...or something like that. I PLAY AS A TEAM MEMBER.

Maybe I'm just not into personal glory or achievement but for some reason my satisfaction in a game comes from helping my team-mates make goals; being where I need to be when a pass or a screen is needed; just generally adding what little skills I have to the "communal pool" of skills and working for the best outcome.

Perhaps I simply see things differently because I've never been a star player. I don't mind that, though, because from what I see these days, being a star player is what my father would have called being a ball-hog. WHERE'S THE TEAM SPIRIT??? Sure, it's nice to have people chant your name when you sling the ball from half-court as the time-buzzer thingy sounds and make a stunningly miraculous goal, but when you go for that goal EVERY TIME, or when you jeapordize your team's standing in the game to MAKE THOSE GOALS, it gets sad and ludicrous.

Also, it sucks to not be passed to because you're not the greatest player on earth (which I'm not.) That, however, I can live with. Foolish self-glory, I can't live with.

Alright, that's my shpeal for the day. Sorry for wearing out your ears. Pray that I have a good game tonight and that I don't go insane or get injured or anything. Ok. Bye.

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