Thursday, December 17, 2009


LOGROLLING! That good, old-timed, ever-present political sport! Politicians cutting votes and favors...killing each other's detractor's...etc, etc, etc. We all know that this sort of back-door dealing goes on in politics; in fact, it's known as "LOW" politics, an important part of American Democracy as it now stands. Without Low Politics, it would be difficult for politicians to remain in power in our current adversary system of democracy--making Low Politics a sort of necessary evil.

So where is the logrolling in the Health Care Bill? Granted, we aren't going to see much of the back-door dealing that goes on with such a disputed and important piece of legislation, seems as though we aren't seeing the swift passage of the bill (despite announcements to the contrary) that perhaps Obama and the Democrats expected. Is it possible that Low Politics can't get everything done?

I hereby announced that I believe that most options for Low Politics have been exhausted for the Health Care Reform Bill. I think that by now, most deals have already been made and discussed--it looks like everyone has already, for the most part, chosen their side and are sticking to that side. Barring an epic power deal brokered behind the scenes, I believe that from here on out the Bill's existence depends upon "HIGH" Politics, or actual democratic representation and fair voting and debate. That's why the bill hasn't apparently been moving very much in recent days: The LOW Politics option has been exhausted, and legislators are now trying to sway each other's opinions through debate and dialogue (HIGH Politics).

So maybe Low Politics isn't the dominant force in American democracy! Perhaps High Politics does play an important role! Yay...I suppose!

----Blind 'Ol Prophety-boy

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