Monday, September 14, 2009


As I'm sure we all know by now, in President Obama's recent speech to the assembled Congress, he was interrupted by a particularly outspoken Republican opponent from the Senate, yelling, "YOU LIE!"

What I found interesting is the fact that this phrase has become something of a rallying point for those who oppose the current Health Care program being designed by the President's Administration and supporters. In the recent Tea Party in Washington, many of those in the march were yelling, "You Lie!", showing their frustration at being ignored by an Administration that they feel does not care about their best interests. This cry is in a way galvanizing and strengthening the resistance to Obama's Health Care program (as it stands, at least), bringing about a very adversarial attitude and approach to the debate. The question is: Will things get done if all sides of the debate are fighting one another instead of working together?

It's further interesting to note that after Senator Wilson's outburst, President Obama has now called for wording to be put into the Health Care bill that would require citizenship verification, the very thing that (missing from the bill) had Wilson in an uproar. So is this a case of a Republican Senator crying for freedom amidst a Democratic Administration's tyranny? Or is this a case of hardball partisan politics? Or is it a case of a president knowing and trying to do what is right for his people who are unwilling to go along with the plan?

The truth, I think, is in some strange, twisted genetic defect-child of all three. This is what happens in a democracy where everyone fights for their own agendas, following their own wishes and needs; the chaos born of egalitarianism. This fast-paced, battlefield-fashion of legislating has unfortunately become the norm, begging one to ask the question: WHY CAN'T WE WORK TOGETHER? WHY CAN NO ONE COMPROMISE?

But I guess that's what I'm here to learn in my Democratic Theory class. Cheers.


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