Friday, January 29, 2010

Hasty Words Lead To...

(WARNING! This isn't mine. This is someone else's work that I took and modified to look like...)(This! My pixel drawing of an Ar-15 tricked out for sniping.)

...Dire Consequences.

So I suppose I spoke to soon earlier this affy-noon...or whenever I made my last post. I'm too lazy to check. I said that nothing interesting was worth noting lately...but I was wrong! Not even an hour after posting on here, I discovered a new hobbie! Pixel Art!

That's right! I was browsing some pixel art sites (out of boredom) and decided that I'd give it a try! I'm not that great yet, so I'm only practicing...but here's my first piece. It's supposed to be an AR-15 set up for sniping. I wanted it to look more like an M-110, but it didn't come out quite right...but it's close enough. To be totally honest, I can't claim that the ENTIRE drawing is mine alone...

I took an existing pixel drawing of an HK-416 and modified it by changing it to/adding a longer fore-guard, a scope & scope rings, a rear-flip sight in down position, a Harris bipod, and a 20-round magazine. The original drawing (someone else's) is at top, my drawing is below, enlarged a bit to show detail. Pretty good, eh? I thought so.

I'm starting small, by practicing on modifying others' work and learning pixel drawing techniques...but eventually I think it would be cool if I could draw entire scenes or objects on my own. We'll see how far I go with this. I could get bored of it or simply not have enough time to do it...or I could seriously become AMAZINGLY GOOD at it and rock your world. That's right, I said it. So I guess I did at least one interesting thing today.

----Blind Prophet Artist Man

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