Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lazy Old Days, Rollin Away...

(PIC REMOVED. hahaha)
(*sigh*....slow day.)

Hmmmm...Ten extra points for the yahoo what can name that there tune. Seriously, tell me what song that phrase is from and I will give you ten whole points! Don't you feel special? Earn it first, dork.

I don't know. I'm trying to keep this blog going, but lately I haven't been feeling extremely talkative or interesting. Too badz. In fact, the entire purpose of this here post is to upload a photo on blogger.com so I can post it elsewhere on the net. Yeah, I'm that guy. The one who's too cheap to PAY (or put up with the hassle) for the same service elsewhere. Screw you, Flickr.

So here's the info for the pic. It's me, staring longingly into the single eye of my recent infatuation....yup. The computer. I've had a long weekend and a slow semester schedule...what can I say? I'm working on finding an actual full-time jobbie, but that's not going so well. COME ON, OLD-FOLKS HOME! CALL ME ABOUT THAT COOK POSITION! :P Alright...I'm even boring myself now. Buhbye.


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