Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh Noezzzz!

Well, it's back to school. Yucky stinkin turdy college. At least I only have two more semesters left (including this one). To top that off, my class load is pretty light because I'm mostly finishing up my content classes (history/gov). Next semester is my professional semester, so I'll be busy student teaching at a local highschool--not much time to do anything else.

So yeah, I have a light load right now and that's awesome...Now if I could only manage to snag a job...I'm planning on trying to work full-time this semester so's I can save up a nicely sized nest egg that I can use to move to my future job location (wherever that is). About...oh, say....$4,000 ought to do nicely. I'd settle for $2,000, though. I just need enough to cover actual moving costs plus a down payment on an apartment and then perhaps enough to survive for a month or two. That's really all I need.

So GIVE ME A JOBBY! Does anyone know someone they want killed? Does anyone want drugs or something dangerous transported to another location? Does anyone need help finding people? I can do those things! Hire me!

Aside from that, I guess I'll go apply at Denny's.

----Blind Prophet

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